#  Web Client

Perfion has developed a web client for light editing and read-only users.


 #  Better Workflow Support

Use a combination of searches, filters and progress bars to support your workflow when working with product information. 


 #  Schedule Remote Sync Jobs

Smartpage has developed a small component which can schedule one or more remote sync jobs in Perfion.


 #  Data Validation

Enable business-specific validation rules for certain featuretypes, -numbers, strings and text. 


 #  Information Groups as Views in Grid

Enables users to use "tabs" from the item editor as views in the grid. 


 #  Logging and Trash Bin

These new features enable you to restore deleted values and items. 


 #  Action Mapping - Import and Export

Data Mapping tool to Perfion. Makes it easy to import data from suppliers or deliver data to customers, in multiple formats and structures. 


 #  Role Based Access Model to Perfion Functions

Enables administrators to control "normal" users' access to various Perfion functions. 


 #  U-commerce Connector

With the new U-commerce connector you can control categories, products and data in your U-commerce shop directly in Perfion. 

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